Staff List and Class Allocation

Classes 1/2/3 –  are taught by Mrs Alison Dow. The class consists of 5 children in class 1, 4 children in class 2 and 9 children in class 3.

Classes 4/5/6/7 – are taught by Mrs Alison Gagne and Ms Jane Austin. The class consists of 7 children in class 4, 6 children in class 5, 5 children in class 6 and 5 children in class 7.


SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR                Mrs Clair Bell

SCHOOL ADMIN SUPPORT                Mrs Clair Bell

PUPIL SUPPORT ASSISTANT             Mrs Val Black

PUPIL SUPPORT ASSISTANT             Ms Fiona Massie

PUPIL SUPPORT ASSISTANT             Mrs Teresa McMenemie

PUPIL SUPPORT ASSISTANT             Mrs Jackie Rodman

SCHOOL CLEANER                             Mrs Kathleen Kinnaird

CATERING ASSISTANT                       Mrs Doris Thomson

SCHOOL JANITOR                               Mr Deepu Abraham


French & Physical Education                 Mrs Sylvia Leith

Additional Support Needs                      Mrs Sharon Delahunty

Active Schools Coordinator                   Mrs Abi Sutherland