About our school

About our school

The school is located in the hamlet of Cultercullen, quite separate from Udny Station from where most of the school's pupils come, simply because Cultercullen was the centre when the school was built and Udny Station as we know it today did not exist. Records kept in the Grampian Regional Archives (Dunbar Street, Aberdeen) show that the school was begun in 1874. As part of project work, children at school have produced a booklet of excerpts from an old log book dating from the early part of last century. Any parent who has an interest in reading this can borrow a copy from school on request.

The school building was extended in 1996 and now provides 4 classrooms, a general purpose room for music, library and other activities, an assembly hall, kitchen and staff room. There is playing space in the tarred playground and in a grass field behind the school building.

Cultercullen School provides education for children aged 4-12 i.e. from P1-P7.

Community links are a valued part of school life. The school is used for a few community activities, including after school sports and activities.. The school has a very supportive Parent Council and a Parents Interest’s Committee. These groups support school improvement activities and raise additional funds to provide many extras for the pupils in the school.

On leaving Cultercullen Primary School the pupils transfer to Meldrum Academy, Old Meldrum. Cultercullen School is part of the Meldrum Community Schools’ Network and works closely with the other 12 schools in the Network.

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