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The Eco Group


  • We welcomed some new members to the group: Archie, Isabel, Skye, Noah, Nyla, Ann, Jamie, Ben and Josh
  • We organised a playground tidy-up and gave the Formartine In Bloom judges a tour.
  • Then some of the group attended the award ceremony, where we won a Silver Asard.
  • Some of the Eco Group went to Parkhill Garden Centre, we bought compost and bulbs.
  • The whole group put the compost in the planters, in the Community Garden.  Then we planted the bulbs.  It will look beautiful in the Spring.
  • Twice we visited Mr Grant’s polytunnel and he gave us a talk about some of the vegetables he grew.

Who’s in the goup

Oli                      Skye

Ewan                  Archie

Ben                     Nyla

Jamie                  Isabel

Josh                    Noah