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School Transport
The Council provides free transport to all children who live over two miles walking distance from school, in the case of primary school children, and three miles for secondary school pupils. Free School Transport is also provided for children with additional support needs. School transport routes are determined by the pick-up locations required for pupils who are entitled to free school transport.

Privilege Transport
Pupils who live within two miles of primary school or three miles of secondary school may be able to travel on school transport at a charge. Where spare seats are available on a school transport route parents/carers can apply for a privilege place for their child by downloading an application form. The application form includes information on prices and payment methods for Privilege Passes. Discounts are available for pupils entitled to Free School Meals, and to families with 3 or more children travelling to the same school.
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School transport
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Email: school.transport@aberdeenshire.gov.uk