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Session 2019/2020 – Term Three

Learning Across the Curriculum

Topics and learning activities are often led by the interests of the class and link to Curriculum for Excellence outcomes and experiences. However, we are hoping to link our mathematics sub-theme of “Time” within a context of learning so that learning is fun, exciting and challenging. When looking at night and day we will be reading the novel, “The owl who was afraid of the dark” by Jill Tomlinson and a lot of learning from across the curriculum will fit into this context.

In addition, the class voted for which project they would want to explore and Wild Animals was the favourite. Therefore, we will investigate wild animals and birds that live in Scotland before exploring further afield.

Science – Mrs Blaney is investigating a topic entitled, “Exciting Electricity” The children have surprised her with their knowledge and understanding already!

Welly Wednesdays will continue on a weekly basis. These sessions are more enjoyable if we are dressed appropriately for the changing weather patterns. Thank you for providing suitable clothing and wellies for your children. We will continue to explore our outdoor environment and investigate and experiment with natural resources. We use loose parts to enhance our learning and encourage imagination, creativity and innovation.


Physical Education

We are taking part in some Scottish dancing on Mondays and this will link to our work about Robert Burns. Thursday gym sessions will focus on target practice and throwing and catching skills.

Your child needs a P.E kit and appropriate gym shoes for Physical Education. The timetabled days for P1/2 P.E will continue to be Mondays and Thursdays. It is helpful if the children can bring gym kit in on a Monday and take this home on a Friday for washing/checking.

Water Bottles

Please continue to ensure that your child has a distinctive water bottle and refresh this daily with fresh water. We are happy for your child to drink freely whenever they need to in class, but as we are a health promoting school, drinking juice is not encouraged.

Health and Well-being – Caring for ourselves and others

We will be investigating our teeth and care of our teeth.


Mathematics focus

Time – We will be examining the passing of time. We will learn to order and sequence the days of the week and the months of the year and link these to the seasons and our routines and personal events.

Telling the time – We are learning appropriate time vocabulary e.g. before, after, hour hand, minute hand etc. We will examine how to measure time and will be using analogue and digital clock faces to record time. Those children who require challenge will be investigating how to tell the time in 5 minute intervals as they progress with their understanding.

Number – Our pupils will be examining number concepts appropriate to their age and stage of development. We will be focusing on strategies for subtraction early in Term 3.

It is very helpful if children can continue to progress through the SUMDOG programme at home as this is set to their individual learning and developmental stage. Practising their “Learn Its” at home supports recall.

Literacy and English

Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking

We are focusing on learning Doric poetry as part of our learning. Daily opportunities for reading, writing, listening and talking activities are planned by staff and the children themselves.

Kodaly – We are taking part in singing and musicianship every Tuesday this term with Mrs Katona (a Kodaly specialist) This develops our literacy skills too.

French – Mrs Gagne is teaching us French on Mondays and we try to use French to greet Mrs Blaney (who is French)

Art and Craft

We regularly take part in messy activities. Please could your child bring an art apron or an old oversized shirt for such activities? This will be sent home at holidays to be washed and returned.

Shared Learning/Homework

P2 – Homework jotters and special folders will be given out on a Tuesday and should be returned for marking on a Monday. Reading will usually go out on a Tuesday for Thursday and then Thursday for Tuesday.

P1 – All children will have a “Sound Book” which will usually have new phonics sounds added on a Tuesday. Reading books which will usually go out on a Monday for return on a Wednesday and then a Wednesday for the following Monday. It is helpful if your child does a little each evening to consolidate their learning. Thank you for continuing to include the folder in your child’s bag each day.

P1/2 is a very busy environment and a wealth of activities occur daily. These learning activities and playful learning opportunities link to a wide range of curriculum areas

Facebook updates on our private school page are a useful tool for helping us share our learning with you and we enjoy seeing the feedback that we receive and the parental partnership that this encourages.

Please feel free to contact Mrs Dow, or any member of staff, if you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s experience in school.