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Primary 1/2

Session 2020/2021 – Term One and Two

Health and Well-being

In this recovery phase, the health and well-being of our pupils will be central to all that we plan and do, both within class and out-with the classroom. The children’s social and emotional development will be a priority as we return to routine and welcome our new pupils.                        We will talk about safety, friendship, feelings, looking after ourselves and others, and examine how we can eat and drink healthily.

Learning Across the Curriculum

Topics and learning activities are often led by the interests of the class and link to Curriculum of Excellence outcomes and experiences. P1/2 is a very busy environment and a wealth of activities occur daily. These learning activities and playful learning opportunities lead to investigation and centres of interest.

We are hoping to link our science topic of “Materials” within a context of learning so that learning is fun, exciting and challenging.

Science – Mrs Blaney is our science specialist teacher and she will be supporting our topic work.

Outdoor Learning – will be a feature again this session. We plan to use the outdoors wherever possible, and Welly Wednesdays will be our regular day for taking the learning outdoors whatever the weather. These sessions are more enjoyable if we are dressed appropriately for the changing weather patters. Than you for providing suitable clothing and wellies for your children. We will continue to explore our outdoor environment and investigate and experiment with natural resources. We use loose parts to enhance our learning and encourage imagination, creativity and innovation.

Outdoor Physical Education

Mondays and Fridays will be our regular weekly sessions, and we will focus on fitness, target practice and throwing and catching skills.

Your child needs a P.E kit and appropriate gym shoes for Physical Education. This session it is helpful if the children can come dressed in gym kit on Mondays and Fridays.

Water Bottles

Please continue to ensure that your child has a distinctive water bottle and refresh this daily with fresh water.

Mathematics focus

Time – We will learn to order and sequence the days of the week and the months of the year and link these to the seasons and our routines and personal events.

Number – Our pupils will be examining number concepts appropriate to their age and development.

Information Handling – We will be collecting data and organising this information in tally charts and simple pictorial graphs.

Literacy and English

Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking

Daily opportunities for reading, writing, listening and talking activities are planned by staff and the children themselves. These opportunities naturally occur in a play-based environment and during teacher-directed tasks.

Personal writing will be the focus for term one and two, with opportunities to use imaginative and functional writing.

French – Mrs Gagne is teaching us French on Tuesdays and we also try to use French to greet Mrs Blaney (who is French)

Art and Craft

We regularly take part in messy activities. Please could your child bring an art apron or an old oversized shirt for such activities? This will be sent home at holidays to be washed and returned.


This session P1/2 will be responsible for the Eco Group. Group work will be implemented on a Friday. Each class will have responsibility for their own group and contribute to the work of the other groups.

House Points

Each child will be assigned a “house” and they can then earn points for their house. Positive behaviour such as showing manners, being kind, displaying significant effort, out of school achievements, teamwork and helping others will be recognised and rewarded. Please let us know of any out of school achievements.

Golden Time

Golden Time is our reward for positive behaviour in school. This will usually be on a Friday.

Shared Learning/Homework

To allow for quarantining of the resources, homework will have a 10 day turn around.

P2 – Homework jotters and special folders will be given out on a Tuesday and should be returned for marking 10 days later. Reading homework will accompany these folders.

P1 – Homework will be given out on a Tuesday and should be returned for marking 10 days later. All children will have a “Sound Book” which will usually have new phonics sounds added on a Tuesday. Reading books will follow shortly.                                                                                                            Education City is our online resource and will have set tasks for pupils in P1 and P2.

Facebook updates on our private school page are a useful tool for helping us share our learning with you and we enjoy seeing the feedback that we receive and the parental partnership that this encourages.

Please feel free to contact Mrs Dow, or any member of staff, if you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s experience in school.